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Frame rate control patches 0.1.2 released with these changes.

  • improved field timing debug support
Posted Thu Jun 4 22:13:10 2009

I imported the old releases Thomas published on and imported them into Git.

What I did was

$ cd /tmp/
$ tar xzfv ~/vga-sync-fields-0.0.x.tgz
$ cd ~/VGA2SCART.src/
$ cp -rp ~/tmp/vga-sync-fields-0.0.x/* .
$ diff -r ~/tmp/vga-sync-fields-0.0.x/ .
$ git add .
$ GIT_AUTHOR_NAME='Thomas Hilber' GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL='' GIT_AUTHOR_DATE='2009-02-10 00:00:00 +0000' git commit -a # Where I used the date in the file HISTORY as the GIT_AUTHOR_DATE
$ git tag v0.0.x

for every release.

I hope this works out and I did not screw anything up and is ok for everyone. If you want to have that different, please leave a note.

Posted Wed Mar 4 16:56:46 2009

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