To connect the VGA port of the computer to the SCART port of for example the TV set, an adaptor is needed. Unfortunately those are not manufactured and therefore have to be soldered manually. There are several ways to do this and these are documented here. Please add pictures so that users unexperienced in soldering also have a chance.


If someone is kind enough to assemble and sell the cables, please put down the conditions in this section.

  1. Dr Jones was kind enough to offer such a service.

Circuit diagrams

  1. Thomas. Circuit diagram of my favorite VGA-to-SCART adaptor:

       VGA                                                SCART
     1 -O------------------------------------------O- 15 R
     2 -O------------------------------------------O- 11 G
     3 -O------------------------------------------O-  7 B
     6 -O---------------------------------------+--O- 13 R Gnd
     7 -O---------------------------------------+--O-  9 G Gnd
     8 -O---------------------------------------+--O-  5 B Gnd
    10 -O---------------------------------------+--O- 17   Gnd
                                                +--O- 14   Gnd
                                                +--O- 18   Gnd
     9 -O-----|  75R |-----------------------------O- 16
    -VS 14 -O-----------------------+ | | / ------ |C -HS 13 -O-----| 680R |-----B-| BC 547 B ------ |E | \ | ------ +------| 680R |----O- 20 -CS ------ shell-O------------------------------------------O- 21 shell

Advantages of this diagram

  • proven to work in praxis

Disadvantages of this diagram

Tips and Quality

Several parameters influence the transmission of the signal. This sections tries to give an overview.

  1. Use a VGA cable and solder on a SCART plug because the pin sizes are bigger.
  2. Length. Using good quality cable the transmission quality should be good up to five meter cable length.
  3. Shielding of cable. …


This is a list of parts which their manufactures people have made good experience with.




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