„… My major goal was to prove that graphics cards can provide the same picture quality as FF-cards do. But with wider flexibility at fractional cost of a FF-card among many other advantages. And without the need of expensive and time consuming hardware mods like full-TS mod, AV-board, J2 mod etc. …“ Thomas Hilber on the VDR mailing list


This project provides patches and tools for development to enable you to directly drive for example RGB/PAL SCART devices like a TV set.

Using those patches you can build a cheap but high quality video replay device with that.

To get going you need to apply the patches and depending on your hardware setup you probably need also a VGA2SCART cable.

Before this site was setup, this topic was mostly discussed in forums. A chronicle tries to document how this project evolved.



Releases can be downloaded under http://lowbyte.de/vga-sync-fields/.

revision control

FRC is developed in a git repository to make money online.


If you ever wished to synchronize your VGA timing to an external signal source like a DVB stream, this patch collection could be interesting for you like Funny Quotes

It implements a kind of soft-PLL locking on the external signal. The VCO is represented by dynamically adjusted VGA frame rate aka video timing. forfait mobile

Required Patches

There are the following cases to be distinguished. Depending on this the following software needs to be patched.

  1. ATI Radeon without Frame Rate Control
  2. Intel i9xx without Frame Rate Control
  3. ATI Radeon with Frame Rate Control
  4. Intel i9xx with Frame Rate Control

There is ?an overview of tested models and ?a status page about the inclusion of these packages upstream.


A patched kernel tree (linux-next), so that you can use a regular SCART CRT as a display for the linux console, can be obtained via the following command.

git clone git://community.xeatre.tv/linux-next-frc.git

Sample installation

step by step installation instructions: the easy way

Installation (other)

There are several ways to install the patches.

  1. Use easyVDR. The patches are already applied to the packages in easyVDR, a complete VDR distribution based on Debian Etch.
  2. Use a shell script.
  3. Install everything manually as documented in INSTALL or in German in CheapBudget.


Several tools were written during the development.


VGA2SCART (without FRC)

nVidia: xorg nvidia.conf

ATI Radeon: xorg radeon.conf

ATI Radeon dual screen 1600x1200 and 720x576 xorg radeondual 1200p 576i.conf

Intel i9xx: xorg intel.conf

Intel Asus Eee PC 701: xorg intelEee701.conf

The VGA2SCART Community

Mailing list

There is no mailing list yet. The VDR mailing list can be used in the meantime until traffic gets too much.

Internet Relay Chat

No channel has been setup yet.


The distributed version control system Git is used. Having installed Git you can clone each project which needs to be patched using git clone.

Individual developers repositories

If you are interested in the latest developments please take a look at the repositories of the individual developers.


There is a TODO list.


Please contact the developers over the mailing list.

Further information

To get more information about this topic at …

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